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  • Julieta K.
    Julieta K.

    Impressive, not only was my experience great but the professionalism and the expertise of Dr. Michael Tiplea gave me confidence and peace knowing that I am in good hands when it comes to my dental needs. His step by step guidance helped me to break down the work on my teeth, which actually is a lot. He, on the other hand, made me hopeful once again. Loved his xray machine; it is one of those turning ones that made my xray experience more enjoyable. That is huge for me ‘cause I usually gag from the ones with mouth pieces. Loved the ambience, the staff and their friendly response- I got a thank you card from them- wow! Thank you Dr. Michael Tiplea for your work!

  • Joseph D.
    Joseph D.

    After neglecting to visit a dentist for a few years I decided to visit Dr. Michael. I dread going to the dentist but today was great!! I felt very relaxed and comfortable with the staff. I would recommend this practice to anyone. Absolutely fantastic staff, very clean environment, and very thorough exam.

  • J
    Jessica H.

    I haven’t been to the dentist in a few years because it causes me a lot of anxiety. But I could not be more thrilled with my experience at the Allen Dental Studio. Dr. Tiplea was compassionate and understanding. He took the time to discuss my current issues and develop a plan to get my teeth in better health. I will definitely continue as a patient and highly recommend Allen Dental Studio!

  • Scott P.
    Scott P.

    I am so happy that I went to Allen Dental Studio. Thank you for your help and kindness. You didn’t judge me because of my poor smile. You offered help and encouragement. When can I come back?!!! May God Bless you for what you do!

  • M
    Mitchell S.

    Dr. Tiplea is an impressive dentist. From start to finish I enjoyed my experience at his office. Wonderful staff and soothing environment takes away the edge of being at the dentist. Dr. Tiplea’s personable and professional mentality in combination with a speedy wait time is enough to differentiate them from other’s and keep me as a loyal customer. Highly recommended

  • Cristina S.
    Cristina S.

    Today I went for the 1st time to Allen Dental Studio for a consultation and I was pleased with the cleanliness of the place, the top technology used and the kindness of the entire staff. Dr Tiplea took the time to explain to me the treatment I need and the urgency of each step, giving me options that will benefit me the best. It was a really good experience, I finally found a dentist I can trust and who’s professionalism will make my smile beautiful again.

  • Alexandra P.
    Alexandra P.

    Simply Amazing! It is with my great pleasure to give Dr. Michael Tiplea and his team a 5 star rating. I went to see Dr. Tiplea for a consultation today and I was very pleased. He took the time to understand my concerns and thoroughly explained the process and procedures and made me feel very comfortable. I am looking forward to my next appointment and I definitely recommend his practice if you are looking for a new dentist.

  • R
    Radu S.

    If u have DENTAL ANXIETY this is the Best place in DFW for any dental work, I visited Allen Dental Studio just few days ago with a huge tooth pain like never before and my decision to visit Allen Dental Studio even if was far from my Frisco location it was The best Dental Experience in all my 40 years , Dr Tiplea is umbelivable, his hands are magic and make me never felt any pain but any pain with my tooth extraction , Thank u Dr Tiplea! Highly Recommend!

  • Alexandra C.
    Alexandra C.

    I have never imagine that going to the dentist can be so relaxing. Dr. Michael is inspiring trust and he is very gentle. He took the time to show and explain all the details of the treatment. Its been two days now and among other things had my wisdom teeth removed and have no pain.
    I was watching my favorite show on Netflix with soundproof head-seats on while they were fixing my teeth.
    Patient for life !!! The thank you card they sent me afterwards was a very nice touch to the whole experience.

    Will come back to add some photos after the whitening.

    Highly recommend Allen Dental Studio team.

  • C
    Claudia D.

    I just visited Allen Dental Studio,yesterday.
    It was one of the most amazing experience that I had in my entire life.
    When it comes to trust a Dentist,it may take time and many tries to find the one you want to became the Family! You want to go there with your opened heart,and have no doubts about the comfort and quality of service , the dentist and his stuff provide.
    From walking in,to the point I was done with my teeth,everything was perfectly pleasant, and catching my eyes.
    The finest well designed, ultra sophisticated and technology modern up to date dental studio,along with the welcoming,the professional conversation,friendly explaination, evaluation,and the professionalism on execution, make me highly reccomand to anyone Dr Michael Tiplea,and his stuff.
    Way to go,and I know Dr Tiplea will set himself apart from any other practitioners because of the way he cares about his patients, his openness, his approach,dedication,and passion, gentleness and personality!!
    Thank you again,for helping me find my Dentist,and for the taking such a great care of my teeth!!

  • Heather C.
    Heather C.

    On my initial visit, I was personally greeted by Dr. Michael Tiplea, as I walked in the door. The waiting area was clean, comfortable and modern, offering niceties like bottled water, coffee and a tea assortment, and there was a small desk area (if you have children). I was impressed with the new state of the art imaging equipment, on-site Lab and 3D Printer. He mentioned a Client had lost their dentures, and he was able to re-make them on the spot (due to the technology he has). We then sat down to discuss what type of dental care I needed. I explained, in 2019 I had several traumatic experiences elsewhere, while getting a lot of Dental work done (and had to take blood pressure medication on those visits, due to the anxiety it caused). He listened attentively, was very friendly and thorough, and it was obvious he genuinely cared about addressing all my concerns. Over the course of two visits with Dr. Tiplea I had x-rays, a cleaning and one white filling (on a molar) done. I have additional work that will be done at a later date. At my initial appointment he enlarged my x-rays, pointed out any areas of concern, highlighted the positive points, and then we discussed different treatment options. The day I had my cleaning and filling done, we discussed various financing or payment options, and he was assisted by his Dental Hygienist (Nina, I believe). If it makes you feel more comfortable, nitrous oxide is available when they work on you. I declined, because I like an explanation of the different things they are doing. Something that I found very unique to their office: I was able to listen to Pandora through wireless head phones (and the music channel of my choosing) while they worked on me. Meanwhile, we used hand gestures to communicate any questions we had. They also have a television mounted to the ceiling so you can watch a variety of shows, while they work on you. I found the ambient temperature to be very comfortable, as I often get very cold (I deal with auto-immune issues) and usually carry a blanket with me. Overall, I was extremely grateful to have a pleasant experience and will definitely be going back to the Allen Dental Studio!

  • Michaela K.
    Michaela K.

    Dr. Tiplea was great! He is very personable and does a very thorough examination while also being financially transparent. Would highly recommend.

  • Mike M.
    Mike M.

    Very impressed that they were able to detect an issue that other dentists were not able to.

  • Dean L.
    Dean L.

    Best teeth cleaning and dentist experience I have had in a decade! Uber-professional! Highly recommend!!

  • Jake D.
    Jake D.

    Everyone at the office was was amazing. I had a great experience during my treatment with Dr.Micheal and Nina. Will definitely have this office as my permanent dentist.

  • A
    Adela F.

    I had an amazing experience with Dr Tiplea. Very professional and detail oriented. The office is very clean and the staff are very nice.

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Dr. Tiplea
Dr. Michael Tiplea is a dreamer who is focused on helping you shape, craft, and achieve your smile dreams! As a leading dentist in Allen, TX, Dr. Tiplea has a vast and successful track record in creating healthy and brilliant smiles for his patients. Hailing from Romania, Dr. Tiplea graduated from dental school in his native country in 2004. He then moved to the US to pursue his dreams! Having graduated from the University of Pacific’s Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry in 2011, Dr. Tiplea continued his education at Hornbrook, Pankey, Dawson, and Spears. Having received certifications and accreditations including Invisalign certification, Oral Sedation Level, IV Sedation provided by a 3rd Party, Dr. Tiplea is currently pursuing his accreditation with the International Congress of Oral Implantologists. At Allen Dental Studio, he strives to provide patients with a range of dental services under one roof. Whether it is sedation dentistry, general dentistry, restorative dentistry, cosmetic dentistry or orthodontics, Dr. Tiplea has a solution for you!