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Say so-long to cavities with cosmetic dental fillings in Allen, TX

The best way to prevent cavities is with good oral hygiene habits. However, infrequent brushing is far from the only cause. Crowded teeth, dry mouth syndrome, drinking acidic sports drinks, and many other factors can contribute to decay. Anyone can get cavities, and most people do at some point in life. Fortunately, modern dentistry has a much better solution than unattractive metal. Here at Allen Dental Studio in Allen, TX, we use tooth-colored composite dental filling material to make those cavities disappear.

About the tooth cavity fillings procedure

Dr. Tiplea uses a laser cavity filling method that is exceptionally comfortable and efficient. The dental laser can remove decayed material and prepare your tooth, often with no need for drilling. Because the laser is much more precise than the drill, this technique preserves the maximum amount of healthy tooth structure.

There is no need for temporary restorations or waiting for a permanent tooth filling, because the entire procedure is completed in just one appointment. It takes just a few steps:

  • After the tooth is numb, decayed and damaged material is removed.
  • Dr. Tiplea will then apply a putty-like resin and skillfully sculpt it.
  • The resin is hardened with a special curing light.
  • The final step is to refine and polish the filling.

The benefits of resin fillings

Dr. Tiplea chooses composite resin material for several reasons, including:

  • It has a thermal expansion rate like tooth enamel, so it remains stable even with changes in temperature.
  • It is nontoxic, biocompatible, and metal-free.
  • The filling feels smooth, just like tooth enamel.
  • Restorations are color-matched to blend with surrounding enamel for a natural appearance. Even composite fillings for front teeth are indiscernible.
  • This material can correct more than cavities. It is also used in dental bonding, which may be used for covering stains, reshaping teeth, gap filling, or repairing small chips.

Don’t delay treatment

If you have a cavity, it can be repaired with a simple filling. However, the longer you wait, the bigger it will become, possibly needing an inlay, onlay, crown, or even root canal therapy. Call us today at (469) 293-2007 and schedule an appointment.