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Allen, TX patients have many excellent options in dentures & partials

Tooth loss can be devastating. Suddenly, you can’t eat your favorite foods, speak clearly, or smile with confidence. Fortunately, there are many excellent solutions available, right here in Allen, TX. Dr. Michael Tiplea of Allen Dental Studio offers several types of dentures & partials, all of which result in absolutely stunning smiles.

Why replace missing teeth?

The benefits of dentures and partials include:

  • You can eat your favorite foods again
  • Restore your ability to speak clearly
  • Show off your smile with confidence
  • Prevent other teeth from shifting

Conventional complete dentures

This is the traditional solution for patients with complete upper or lower tooth loss. You are probably familiar with the basic design. It is a removable appliance, which includes a pink (gum colored) base and a full set of false teeth. Cost and convenience are the most common reasons people choose conventional dentures, as this is an economical solution that takes just a couple of visits. They look just like a full set of natural teeth, and denture care is simple because they are removed for cleaning.

Conventional partial dentures

We can create partial dentures for front teeth or back teeth. In either case, the appliance is designed with attachments that snap or clip to some of your natural teeth. This type of denture is removable for cleaning, but quite stable when worn. The attachment mechanism is discreet, and the prosthetic teeth look real, for a natural looking result.

Implant supported dentures

A conventional denture is a good solution for tooth loss. Combine dentures and implants, and you have a great solution! The denture replaces the visible part, while the implants replace the roots. Together, you have a complete solution that replicates the appearance, function, and health benefits of natural teeth. We use CT scanning and printed surgical guides for precision implant placement, along with top-quality porcelain for the restoration. The result is a smile that looks and feels so amazing, it’s almost like having your own teeth back.

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