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Restorative Dentistry in Allen

The Strength and Health Your Smile Deserve

Restorative dentistry in Allen is the science of bringing smiles back to sound function. But not all restorative care focuses on making sure that each dental restoration is also beautiful, healthy, and individually designed. If you need dental restorations but worry about how they will look, feel, and function, in the long run, turn to the dental artisans at Allen Dental Studio. Dr. Michael Tiplea masterfully combines the art of cosmetic dentistry with modern restorative techniques. That means everyone in Allen and the surrounding Dallas area can experience smiling the way they deserve – longer!

Prevention Tips for Stronger Teeth

You’ve heard it said a million times: “Prevention is the best medicine.” We agree! It’s why we encourage all of our patients to keep up with their professional preventive visits. You can also do a lot to take care of your teeth at home. No one wants to have to spend any more time in the dental chair having their smile restored than necessary, so try to always:

  • Brush and floss after meals and snacks or at least rinse away as many clingy particles with water as possible
  • Keep your diet focused on smile-healthy eating with fresh fruits and vegetables, calcium-rich foods, and protein, to replace acidic and sugary food and drinks. Even things you might think are healthy like sports drinks and raisins can damage your enamel and lead to decay
  • Avoid chewing hard things like candy or ice and using your teeth as tools
  • Keep up with fluoride treatments both at home and with professional application
  • Reduce your stress levels to lower stomach acid (damaging to your dentition) and prevent clenching and grinding
    Have your restorations examined and checked for hidden damage or decay at least every eight years
    Use dentist-designed mouthguards during physical activities that have the potential for oral trauma
    Ask about orthodontic treatment to straighten hard-to-clean overlapped or crowded teeth.

Unfortunately, things can happen to our teeth that even our best efforts and care can’t prevent. Accidents, illnesses, hormone changes, medication side effects, and heredity can all leave your teeth vulnerable and damaged in spite of your best efforts. That’s when restorative dentistry from Allen Dental Studio can work its magic.

Why Restorative Dentistry in Allen Is so Important

Your smile does so much for you–it helps you eat, speak, communicate, and releases feel-good endorphins every time you use it. It even helps keep your gums healthy, supports your face, and lets you breathe properly at night ( It all adds up to a younger, stronger appearance and feel. But life can be hard on our teeth, causing our smiles to break, wear down, and decay.

Whether you have a dental emergency such as breakage or pain, or you have been living with ongoing dental issues, please give us a call. Emergencies, even from patients not previously seen, are welcome. And we are always here to answer your questions, discuss your needs, and work with you to get your smile back in ideal shape.

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