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Dental X-Rays in Allen, TX

You may think of dental x-rays as just a routine discomfort to get over. We don’t – we care about our patients too much for that! Instead of old-fashioned x-rays that expose patients to unnecessary amounts of radiation and pain from biting down on film plates, Dr. Tiplea has chosen to invest in handheld digital x-rays. These x-ray machines expose our patients to about the same amount of radiation as a cell phone and allow the doctor and hygienist to stay in the room with you during the x-ray process. This saves a tremendous amount of time and anxiety. Digital x-rays are also super convenient, allowing us to store your x-ray images directly on chair-side computers for instant access at future visits. We also use 3D cone beam imaging to get 3-dimensional images of your entire oral and maxillofacial structures, including nerve pathways, soft tissue, bone, and teeth in just one scan. These 3-d images are perfect for:

  • Planning implant placement
  • Determining orthodontic adjustments
  • Looking for impacted teeth
  • Checking bone structure
  • Evaluating tooth orientation
  • And much more
Dental Implant Callout Image

A Permanent Option For Missing Teeth :

Dental Implants
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Achieve Perfection in One, Three-Hour Session :

Transitional Veneers
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The Solution for Crooked, Damaged, or Discolored Teeth :

Cosmetic Dentistry