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Dental Technology in Allen, TX

Dr. Michael Tiplea wants absolutely the best for his patients – and if that means investing in the most advanced dental technology there is, he’s going to invest. The Allen Dental Studios team understands that our clients want the best and most precise outcome, fast and at the lowest cost possible. 3-D technology helps us do just that! Two of our most relied on 3-D dental innovations are the Cone Beam CT Scanner and 3D printing for retainers.

    • Using the CBCT Scanner, we can produce three-dimensional images of your teeth, nerves, bone, and soft tissues in just one, easy scan. These images are incredibly helpful when:
      • Preparing to place implants
      • Planning wisdom tooth removal
      • Diagnosing and treating TMJ disorder
      • Determining bone density and planning bone augmentation
      • Locating hidden areas of damage or decay
    • Three-dimensional printing allows us to make the most precise and comfortable retainers you can imagine – right here in our dental office while you wait! And because they are produced on-site, you can try them on immediately and replace them if anything isn’t quite right!
    • Intraoral cameras – These incredible, pen-shaped cameras allow us to get a super-sized view of the inside of your mouth in real-time…and let you look right along with us. Everyone, of all ages, is always fascinated to see their molars and other hidden dentition, up close and personal for the first time. This tool lets us examine every nook and cranny of your mouth while educating you about your teeth and tissues, enabling you to make informed decisions about your care.
    • Soft Tissue Lasers – One of the most versatile and potent dental tools available today, soft-tissue lasers allow us to treat and heal in one precise action. There is no cutting or stitching required. We use soft-tissue lasers to:
      • Treat gum disease
      • Perform frenectomies
      • And speed healing of cold sores and lesions
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A Permanent Option For Missing Teeth :

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