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Minimal Prep Veneers in Allen, TX

Minimal-prep veneers are an excellent option for those who want the dramatic results of porcelain veneers without all the tooth preparation usually required. Because minimal-prep veneers are so thin, they can be placed directly on your tooth with very little enamel adaptation needed. We will always work with you, customizing your minimal-prep veneers to fit your needs and hopes, just the way we would with full porcelain veneers. We don’t ever offer cookie-cutter solutions, and that applies to minimal-prep veneers as well. Custom-creating each tooth veneer ensures that you get just the smile you were hoping for with:

  • Incredibly natural results
  • A look that suits your face and your personality
  • Vibrant attractiveness people will notice

We can also use “transitional veneers” in conjunction with minimal-prep veneers to help you complete your smile at your pace while still enjoying an immediately transformed appearance. If your bite is well aligned and your oral health sound, but you want to change the shape, length, contour, texture, or shade of your teeth, talk to the smile experts at Allen Dental Studio about minimal-prep veneers.

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A Permanent Option For Missing Teeth :

Dental Implants
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Achieve Perfection in One, Three-Hour Session :

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The Solution for Crooked, Damaged, or Discolored Teeth :

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