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Crown Lengthening in Allen, TX

Both crown lengthening and gum recontouring are convenient and comfortable procedures, usually achieved with our soft tissue laser.

Crown lengthening is similar to gum recontouring, though generally used before the application of crowns or veneers when more enamel is needed. For example, if a molar has broken, you will need a porcelain crown to restore and protect it. Without it, chewing is painful, and root infections could occur! But the tooth is broken – what can the crown attach to? Not your gums, that’s for sure. Our crown lengthening uses a laser touch to sculpt away some of your gum tissue and expose more of your tooth. The crown can then be placed, and your tooth is saved. It’s that simple!

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A Permanent Option For Missing Teeth :

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Achieve Perfection in One, Three-Hour Session :

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The Solution for Crooked, Damaged, or Discolored Teeth :

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