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Make your dream smile a reality

What do you want in an Allen, TX dental practice? Are you looking for a place where you will be greeted warmly, treated like a VIP, and offered pampering amenities? …A dentist with artistic talent and exceptional clinical skill who can deliver results that make you say, “WOW”? …A place that values your time and offers everything you need in one convenient location? If you want all of that and more, some might say you are dreaming – and Allen Dental Studio is a dream come true!

Comprehensive dentistry under one roof

Fitting dental visits into your schedule can be tough. Attending multiple appointments at different offices can be virtually impossible. We get it. We’re busy too, so we truly understand. That is why we offer complete smile care in one comfortable and convenient location.

The quality of care that you deserve

You have a crazy work schedule, a family to take care of, social obligations to attend, and errands to run. Amidst your many priorities, you might be overlooking one of the most important - you. How long has it been since you focused on your own wellness, felt pampered, or did something to improve your own quality of life? Probably too long, and it's time for that to change.

Research has shown that self-care can improve mental and physical health, as well as productivity and relationships. Improving your oral health and feeling confident about your smile is a great step in self-care. In fact, the act of smiling also has proven health benefits!

Give yourself a reason to smile

Imagine seeing a dazzling smile every time you look in the mirror, posing for photos with confidence, and eating what you want without pain. Imagine being catered to and cared about, actually enjoying the time you spend with your dentist. It's not just a fantasy. You can make it a reality with one phone call. Just contact Allen Dental Studio at (469) 293-2007 for an appointment with Dr. Michael Tiplea.


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